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All links on the left nav menu buttons should be MY sites and should open in a new tab if they are not part of BizeLion.Work

BizeLion.Net is my main site where I have had pages for almost 14 years. Start Date: 2006-01-30 and I have since started to separate my stuff into categories.

Info.BizeLion.Net is a WP blog with a lot of free info and maybe a few ads pointing to some digital resale products I'm selling.

BizeLion.Net/Info is the main digital resale products I'm selling.

BizeLion.Net/TE is the section of my site about Traffic Exchanges and other things that help people get traffic or organize their traffic exchange stuff, and a page with payment processor type links.

BizeLion.Net/AWI is a blog of information about a 3D building environment that I'm a member of called ActiveWorlds If you click on ActiveWorlds it will open the ActiveWorlds site main page so you can read about that program, if you click the link on my button menu it will take you to the blog I made. Each link should open in a new tab/window.

BizeLion.Net/Time is a section that has to do with Freedom of Religion and my info about becoming an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery online on 05/15/15

Last but not least, well maybe it is least but have a look at the Affiliate programs that I'm still a member of but some I don't login very much any more.

Across the top of the pages, you should see another menu that starts with Index, then Digital Items, Blog and List

  • You are on the Index page.
  • Digital Items is things for sale and maybe some links for free PDF ebooks and/or reports.
  • Blog is the blog for this whole site of BizeLion.Work and there will probably be some info for other things I'm working on.
  • List is a section which will have some lists and things I'm working on or some I did in the past, such as DVD's I have, music I like, things to take on a camping trip, etc.
  • Sign-Up = pages with a form to put your name and email into so I can send you information in emails. I don't send many emails out yet but when I have something new I might send an update.



    There will be a lot of things to read and look at on this site.

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